About Us

Diana Paul, Executive Director

Diana is a wife and mother of three homebirthed children.  She began her journey into midwifery filming births along the way. In Texas, she met a very pregnant Naoli Vinaver, offered a camera to her and that was the beginning of BIRTH DAY, her first professionally produced film.  A nonprofit organization was created after that and three other films followed.  Her documentaries have been viewed by millions of people.

"I feel fortunate to have landed in the birth world.  There is so much work to be done and so many good people doing it.  It makes life a never ending blessing."


Anna Hurty, Director

Anna is a wife and mother of two sons, a childbirth educator for over 30 years, a Dancing for Birth instructor, Doula, and so much more.  She trained as an EMT in a trauma center and has a busy practice through her Birth Garden services.  Anna founded the popular Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto and taught classes in several hospitals in the Bay Area.  Presently, she teaches at Loving Arms in Albany and Then Comes Baby in Oakland, CA.

"Having provided doula support to over 600 women and their partners, I still feel honored to be a part of each miraculous birth.  I have trained dozens of Bay Area doulas through my doula trainings and continue to mentor these wonderful women as they begin their birth work and create their own practices."

Clara Wieberg, Director

Clara came to Love Delivers as a student intern.  She quickly threw herself into major operations demonstrating a profound ability to take on board work.  Clara is an athlete, world traveler, personal trainer and high school swim coach.  She plans to expand the reach of Love Delivers through social media and live events.


Emily Payne, Director

Emily is the mother of two homebirthed daughters.  She received her BA from the University of San Diego and has been the official photographer for LOVE DELIVERS since its inception.   Most of the photographs on this site and many in the book WILD NAKED LADIES:  Mother Nature's Design for Birth, are from Emily.

Her full service, spacious studio is located in San Francisco.   The studio participates in community events and supports organizations and local businesses of all kinds.  Emily is careful to patronize photo labs that use minimal chemicals and paper with the least amount of silver.

"You will feel comfortable and safe coming to the studio with the newest member of your family!  The studio has room to change, nurse and relax.  We schedule portrait sessions allowing plenty of time for naps, crying, and feeding!  In general, it is a comfortable and positive experience every time you come to the studio!"

Godwin Jabangwe, Writer

Godwin Jabangwe is originally from Zimbabwe.  He joined Love Delivers as an intern in 2009 working as a filmmaker and graphic designer.

In June 2017, Godwin graduated from UCLA with a masters in Screenwriting.  He won many awards and scholarships for his work.  Love Delivers is

delighted to have his counsel and help.