About Us

Diana Paul

Following the homebirths of Diana’s three children, she began her journey into midwifery filming births along the way. In Austin, TX, Diana met a very pregnant Naoli Vinaver, offered a camera to her and that was the beginning of BIRTH DAY, her first professionally produced film. Today, BIRTH DAY has been seen by tens of thousands of viewers and is now part of the reporoduction exhibit in the Museum of Science, Boston.

Diana has a BA in English from Sonoma State University.

Molly Arthur

Molly is driven by the desire to make the world a better place. She and her husband of 36 years have raised two children, who she is really enjoying getting to know as adults. Molly graduated from UC Berkeley and has had extensive experience working with startups and growing networks in her professional sales career. She has sold media, software and sponsorships for the premier internet trade show/conference. She is working on the organizational growth of Love Delivers and publicizing its strategic vision and mission.

Anna Hurty

Anna has been active in the birth community for about 25 years and has attended 450 births as a doula. She began her work in Berkeley where she helped create the volunteer doula program jointly sponsored by Alta Bates Hospital and the City of Berkeley. She worked as a doula, tour guide, lecturer, teacher, and served on several birth-related committees at Alta Bates, Kaiser Oakland and Birthways. Concurrently, she and three other women offered services as “BirthWorks” for several years in and around the greater East Bay area.

Anna is a founding director of Blossom, a resource for families in the Palo Alto community. She is currently studying to be a midwife.

Emily Payne

Emily Payne received her BA from the University of San Diego.  She has been the official photographer for LOVE DELIVERS since its inception as Sage Femme.   Her full service, spacious studio is located in San Francisco.   The studio participates in community events and supports organizations and local businesses of all kinds.  They are careful to patronize photo labs that use minimal chemicals and paper with the least amount of silver.

"You will feel comfortable and safe coming to the studio with the newest member of your family!  The studio has room to change, nurse and relax.  We schedule portrait sessions allowing plenty of time for naps, crying, and feeding!  In general, it is a comfortable and positive experience every time you come to the studio!"

Godwin Jabangwe

Godwin Jabangwe joined Love Delivers as an intern in 2009.

A graphic designer from Zimbabwe, Godwin is currently studying film at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.